Windshield Recalibration

Ensure That Your Vehicle's ADAS Camera Works Properly

Turn to us for windshield camera recalibration services in Sherman, McKinney, Tyler or Texarkana, TX

Many newer vehicles have a windshield-mounted ADAS camera, which is vital for the safety systems in your car. If your camera is uncalibrated or out of position, it can cause issues such by sending improper feedback to your vehicle's sensors - and to you. That's why Texas Star Automotive Services does windshield camera recalibrations in Sherman, McKinney, Tyler and Texarkana, TX. We'll make sure your camera is tracking the road correctly so it can help you spot any dangers ahead.

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How does the recalibration process work?

Our technicians have received specialized training and can draw on over 20 years of experience. That means you can trust us to handle your recalibration job quickly and correctly. When you hire us for windshield camera recalibration services, we'll:

  • Inspect the condition of your windshield and camera
  • Use advanced equipment to initiate the recalibration process
  • Follow manufacturer-specific guidelines for recalibration
  • Perform a test to verify your camera's accuracy and functionality

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